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Wotsit all about?

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A Father was left a little cheesed off when he opened a packet of Wotsits- to find just one crisp inside.

Andy Stubbs, 43, was bewildered after he grabbed a sealed bag from a multi-pack which felt full of air.

After giving it a shake he could feel only a single Wotsit rattling around inside.

But the software developer saw the funny side and showed the bag to his wife Jane, 39, and sons Oscar, nine, and five-year-old Harry.

He said ‘Lo and behold when I held the bag I could feel it was full of air. I shook it about and realised there must be one Wotsit inside. I showed it to Jane and the boys and we all cried our eyes out.’

The saga of the solo snack comes days after Steve Smith, 41, from Bristol, found just one baked bean floating in the sauce in his Heinz tin.

Following his Wotsit discovery, Mr Stubbs of Sidcup, south-east London, faced the dilemma of whether to open the packet or not.

‘Harry really wanted to open the bag mainly because he wanted to it,’ he said. ‘But I said it would be funnier to keep it as a memento’

Mr Stubbs said his wife reminded him about the bean story and encouraged him to open the bag. ‘jane saw in the news about the guy who only had one bean so she encouraged me to open it and see,’ he said.

The family then gathered around the kitchen table for the big reveal.
A normal packet of cheesy Wotsits contains an average of 42 puffs.

Last night a Walkers spokesman said: ‘Our packets are filled by weight. We’d ask anyone dissatisfied with a product to get in touch with our customer services team, who’ll be very happy to help.’